The Torch Bearers’ Network (TBN) is an initiative of Ekow Mensah to bring together individuals passionate about impacting lives, igniting dreams and restoring hope to many around the world. As a network, our primary focus is to ensure that we are pursuing our dreams and helping others to do likewise. Through our outreach programs, online and offline campaigns, events and seminars, we aim to reach at least one million people with the message of hope, injecting a can-do spirit and ensuring that everyone encountered never gives up in life or in the pursuit of their dreams. Life is to be lived to the fullest, exploring all our potentials and relentlessly pursuing our dreams and goals every day. Unfortunately, some people by their circumstances, mindset and environment are faced with daunting challenges that make it almost impossible to experience the luxury of living a fulfilling life in the pursuit of our dreams and passions. As TBN members, our obligation is to ensure that we provide the empowerment, encouragement, inspiration, motivation and other forms of support needed to jumpstart others to pursue their dreams and impacting positively the lives of everyone encountered. As role models, we are first to pursue our dreams and inspire others by our passion, dedication and exploits. As a result, Ekow Mensah is committed to providing the support needed for the TBN members in the pursuit of their dreams and in turn, they provide the support needed by the over 1 million individuals around the world. If you are passionate about impacting lives, igniting dreams and restoring hope to millions around the world, sign up below and join the Ekow Mensah’s Torch Bearers’ Network today. We can hardly wait to welcome you into the EM-TBN family.